About Intelligent Therapy Staffing

Intelligent Therapy Staffing is owned and operated by Bruce P Burgess, CEO, and Robin Burgess, M.S., CCC-SLP, President. Bruce's background includes Naval Officer, Banker, and Financial Planner. Robin has spent her entire 27 year career in the rehabilitation industry, primarily in upper management and sales and marketing.

Bruce and Robin approach their business from their Christian perspective and believe that our employees are our most important asset.

"Our therapists serve as ambassadors of our company in every facility we serve."

What our Therapists say about Us

“Intelligent Therapy gives me the flexibility to have new experiences.”

“I feel that the company’s open communication helps me get information I need.”

"As a new graduate, Intelligent Therapy gave me the resources I needed to grow."

“I get the training that I need to be my best.”

"Intelligent Therapy cares about me as both an employee and a person"

“Intelligent Therapy treats its employees, clients, and patients with a high degree of integrity.”

What our Customers Say about Us

"Your therapists fit in well with my staff" - Rehab Director

"Your therapist builds excellent rapport with all of our residents and is a great clinician" -Administrator & Rehab Manager, Knoxville

"Intelligent Therapy is timely to requests for services" - Rehab Director

"Intellligent Therapy is easier to use than my PRN lists" - Rehab Manager

"We want your therapist back every time - she helps so much with our patients' families and kept them all happy. I really like the way she runs the speech therapy program." -Rehab Manager and Executive Director

"Your therapist has really helped to turn our program around." -Rehab Manager